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Every employee is the most important asset of Power Technology Co., Ltd.The execution and creativity of each employee is the driving force for the company's continuous development.Integrity and professionalism are the most precious qualities of every employee.In order to pursue and reach the goal of "A supplier for a better life",Power Technology Co., Ltd keeps on believing,goes our own way and does our responsibilities as a citizen of the world.

Benefit and Perks

◆ Year-end bonus

◆ Gifts for the three major holidays

◆ Employee Group Insurance

Company Trip
◆ Domestic Tourism

◆ International Tourism

Holiday system
◆ Five-day Workweek

◆ Special holiday /
annual leave

2020 Holidays in Taipei Grand Hotel

2020 Tangerine Picking in Yaoyuan

2019 Tangerine Picking in Yaoyuan

2019 International Trips in  Japan

2018 International Trips in Jeju Island

2017 International Trips in Thailand

 2016 Domestic Tour in Miaoli, Taiwan

2016 International Trips in Osaka, Japan

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