Thermal skin temperature screening IP camera

The thermal image body temperature measuring webcam

Flawless for catching the person with higher body temperature.

 Good for the airport, the station, MRT, the lobby of the company, the restaurant, the school, the outlet/shopping mall, the factory, the community…etc.

Good for the airport, railway station, MRT, lobby, restaurant, school, shopping mall, factory, community…etc.

   The unique feature: The real-time image bearing the tolerance +_0.3oC (no need black body furnace)—under the moving condition at three meters away and multiple objects and persons. 

*Tolerance +_0.3oC (no need black body calibration, built-in dynamic self-calibration for precision)

*For moving persons and objects

*Three meters measuring distance

Dual lights indication, presenting the simple and articulate body temperature at the spot of the forehead as well as the object

* Visible/ invisible dual lights video display. Instant body temperature on person’s forehead and objests. 

The set-up of the machine will be done by the mobile phone through Wifi, easy to operate, the alarm will be active when the warning goes on if the temperature is way too high.   The machine can operate individually and no need for any computer. 

* Standalone operation without computer. Easy setup by smartphone throughtWifi connection. Alarm for over temperature warning.

T01 only displays the human’s forehead temperature through RTS’ windows based face detection.

The imagen can be delivered immediately through the internet; duel-lights can be saved.  With the number of applications with IoT, for instance, the gate control, human facial recognition..many other applications.

* Visible / invisible dual lights video recording over network. API available for access control, facial recognition..many other applications.

房型dimension 122.5 x 72 x 38.5mm (the visor included 53.2mm)
duel lens Duel-lights: thermal camera (invisible light)+video camera (visible light)
 output of the screen HDMIout
房型temperature measuring and alarm 平日價The absolute temperatureisavailablefor each pixel.The highest temperature for each person and objectwillbeshown,andover-temperaturewillbewarnedbyalarm.
Ethernet  RJ45 Ethernet
 Wi-Fi 2.4G/5.8G 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi
 USB USB 3.0 x 2 
 Power input 5Vdc / 3A 
 Audio output Alarm activated when the excessive temperature is detected.
 protocol output RTSP deliver invisible light video (the temperature for one of each pixel), visible light video, andintegrated application connected to the platform or NVR
The mode for duel-lights display  

Visible light -main,  invisible light - minor

Both invisible light and visible light display at the same time, 1/4 of the screen at the lower-left bears 50% of transparence for invisible light

invisible light -main,  visible light - minor
Both invisible light and visible light display at the same time, 1/4 of the screen at the lower-left bears 50% of transparency for visible light
visible light + invisible light the invisible light is shownon the left, the visible light shown on the right.
display invisible light only The invisible lightdisplay and shown in full screen 
Thermal image module  
photosensitive parts
The French ULIS no shutter thermal imagine detector (a non-refrigerated and non Amorphous silica of sensor
spectrum longwave,invisible light Infrared red 8~14μm
the video resolution
80x80 6400 pixels in total
to continuously provide 30 sheets of video flow per second of invisible light-bearing color temperatureandtemperature difference
independent pixel

6400 pixels and one of each pixel is the individually packaged (PLP) to make sure the defective pixel will not affect some other pixels.  The size of each pixel is 34 um

the measuring temperature and alarm

the absolute temperature can be acquired for one of each pixel, and also provide absolute and relative temperature measuring.  The alarm activated when the abnormal situation detects

automatic calibration  Non-shutters 
the view angle of FOV view angle 60o  longwave IR lens
the accuracy of temperature measuring

*Tolerance +_0.3oC (no need black body calibration)

*For moving persons and objects

*Three meters measuring distance

The module of IP camera  
the visible light parts
5 million pixels with a fixed focus lens
the video resolution H.264 ; 1080p@30shots/second
CPU  four core processers,ARM Cortex-A72 CPU (Broadcom 2711)
  The unique built-in processing to the visible and invisible light, automatic calibration, the precise temperature measuring algorithm
User Interface  
SmartPhone Web UI Connecting to smart phone through Wifi, the set-up T01 for the website activates automatically after the QR code is scanned.
Hand holding smart phone and stand still at 1,2,3 meter away to measure the temperature at the forehead five times to pick up the highest one by usinga forehead thermometer and input the temperature differencecomparing with T01until the temperature matcheach other. (to calibrate offset once a day or the occasion when turning on 
 the high-temp. warning value set-up
the output mode set-up
℃ or ℉ set-up
the monitor output at one single machine or live connected output
to deliver the visible light of color image +invisible light thermal image and color temperatureby RTSP and the temp. for one of each spot at the grid can be acquired.
The set-up for connection between RJ45 and Wi-Fi

**RTS reserves the right to make changes in the specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notification.