iCommander cloud platform is the core value of total solution, which can be used for services, such as management and storage, including Video/ Multi-Audio Mode/ Indoor & Outdoor Positioning/ Emergency Alarm/  Task Mode/ Recording/ Playback. Those features can be lively display  on PC, laptop, tablet and response center through iCommander.


iCommander keeps track of all your devices and manages the best quality of streaming.It handles all your real-time data, CEG, height, temperature and Activitiness through streaming while personnel is on duties, making sure that all footages uploaded is processed and stored securely.

Unlimited channels of devices connection to platform.
A wide variety of features, including real-time video and IoT functionalities
Server / iOS and Android APP / Cloud storage and also HDD, NAS and RAID

Device List: manage devices by task or group   Live Recording: storage of real-time video/audio as a evidence   Audio Conference Free conversation for users, like a phone call  
Emergency Alarm ECG/ event countdown/ SOS
Indoor/Outdoor Positioning locations of online devices Broadcasting switchable channels/device grouping


Edge AI Application/ Analysis/ Management

iCommander collects and manages data from all your events, which could support your need for after-event reports, analysis, research and training use.Also capable of AI functionalities: facial recognition, car plate recognition, object detection and search (man/ animal/ vehiecle/ luggage/ color), intrusion detection, flame detection, gun detection 



Customization of Your Existing Platform


iCommander  is compliant with ONVIF and RTSPAre you using your own server and platform but wondering how to accommodate our 4G devices and its data? We offer customization program for fields, from fire rescue, law enforcement, public safety to field service, etc.  → For integrated solutions and customized program, you are welcome to contact us.