S Series

Mobile Emergency Response Server

Mobile Emergency Response System

S Series - iCommander Cloud Server

iCommander Cloud Platform is a public or private cloud software platform apply with Servers and Clients of overall solution, integrating and managing the real-time video, sound monitoring, many to many talk, positioning information, life saving, task management, vedio/audio record and playback. The above related functions can be presented and operated on the tablets or computers with the iCommander client software.  

Combined with F Series - 4G/5G Body Worn Camera

Overall solution of monitoring and commanding cloud platform
  • Real-time 2 channels full color night vision HD video
  •  Real-time listening & many-to-many/ conference talk
  •  GPS/ Wi-Fi/ LBS positioning
  •  Lifesaving and SOS alarm
  •  Mission Management

D01 - Decoder Server

Decoder server

  • A iCommander server can be connected to three D01 transcoding servers
  • Each transcoding server can support 16 sets of F01 streaming
  • It can be converted to a suitable resolution to reduce the bandwidth requirements
  • It supports HDMI TV out and can be directly connected to the large size TV